Last appearing in the USA Today puzzle on November 21, 21 this clue has a 4 letters answer. Each has also appeared in 94 other occasions according to our records.

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One of the possible solutions to Each is:

Other options:
Puzzle Solution
Wall Street Journal November 10 2021 APOP
Universal November 7 2021 APOP
Star Tribune October 26 2021 EVERY
Wall Street Journal October 23 2021 APIECE
Penny Dell - Hard August 31 2021 APIECE
USA Today August 29 2021 APOP
Metro August 18 2021 EVERY
Universal August 13 2021 APOP
Penny Dell - Hard July 30 2021 PER
Star Tribune July 28 2021 EVERY
NewsDay.com July 15 2021 PER
New York Times July 7 2021 APOP
USA Today June 18 2021 APOP
LA Times June 9 2021 PER
Star Tribune June 3 2021 APIECE
Wall Street Journal April 17 2021 APOP
Penny Dell - Hard April 11 2021 PER
Thomas Joseph March 25 2021 EVERY
LA Times March 4 2021 APOP
USA Today February 28 2021 APOP
Eugene Sheffer January 30 2021 APOP
NewsDay.com January 18 2021 APIECE
Penny Dell - Hard January 15 2021 EVERY
New York Times January 6 2021 EVERY
Penny Dell - Hard December 31 2020 PER
Universal December 23 2020 APOP
USA Today November 13 2020 EVERY
Penny Dell - Easy November 2 2020 APIECE
Star Tribune October 26 2020 EVERY
Wall Street Journal October 17 2020 APOP
Crossword Champ - Pro October 9 2020 PER
Penny Dell - Hard September 30 2020 PER
New York Times September 14 2020 APIECE
Eugene Sheffer September 7 2020 APIECE
Penny Dell - Hard September 3 2020 PER
Star Tribune July 28 2020 EVERY
LA Times July 25 2020 PER
Universal July 5 2020 APOP
Penny Dell - Medium July 5 2020 PER
Universal June 28 2020 PER
Wall Street Journal June 22 2020 APOP
Universal June 22 2020 APOP
Universal June 8 2020 EVERY
USA Today June 4 2020 APOP
Star Tribune June 3 2020 APIECE
Thomas Joseph May 13 2020 APIECE
USA Today April 24 2020 APOP
LA Times April 5 2020 APOP
New York Times March 10 2020 APOP
Wall Street Journal March 10 2020 APOP
Penny Dell - Hard March 4 2020 APIECE
USA Today March 2 2020 APOP
LA Times February 22 2020 APOP
USA Today February 11 2020 APOP
Universal January 19 2020 APOP
Crossword Champ - Pro January 10 2020 APIECE
Crossword Champ - Premium January 2 2020 APIECE
Thomas Joseph December 31 2019 EVERY
New York Times December 10 2019 APOP
Thomas Joseph November 28 2019 EVERY
Universal November 25 2019 APIECE
Star Tribune October 26 2019 EVERY
Universal October 21 2019 APOP
Universal October 3 2019 APIECE
LA Times September 29 2019 APOP
LA Times September 25 2019 PER
Penny Dell - Hard September 11 2019 APIECE
Metro August 29 2019 EVERY
Penny Dell - Hard August 10 2019 PER
LA Times July 31 2019 PER
Star Tribune July 28 2019 EVERY
Thomas Joseph July 27 2019 APIECE
NewsDay.com July 25 2019 PER
Eugene Sheffer June 29 2019 APOP
Eugene Sheffer June 4 2019 APOP
Star Tribune June 3 2019 APIECE
Universal May 21 2019 APOP
Wall Street Journal May 18 2019 APOP
NZ Herald May 18 2019 EVERY
Wall Street Journal April 29 2019 APIECE
Penny Dell - Hard April 22 2019 PER
LA Times April 18 2019 APOP
NewsDay.com April 12 2019 APIECE
NewsDay.com April 12 2019 PER
Crossword Star February 1 2019 apiece
Penny Dell - Hard January 26 2019 EVERY
Penny Dell - Hard January 11 2019 PER
Universal January 3 2019 APOP
Eugene Sheffer December 24 2018 APOP
Wall Street Journal December 8 2018 PER
Wall Street Journal December 8 2018 APIECE
Thomas Joseph December 7 2018 EVERY
New York Times December 4 2018 APOP
LA Times December 4 2018 PER

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